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Real Name: Nicholas Eugene Fenske
Birth Place: Redwood City, California, USA
Birth Date: February 23, 1964
Occupation: Actor, Stunts, Producer

Nick Fenske Biography

Nick was born in Redwood City, California on February 23rd, 1964. His parents are Diana and Russell Fenske. He attended Homestead High School and DeAnza Junior College in Cupertino, California. He subsequently graduated from the Columbia School of Broadcasting.Nick's first job doing character work was on the radio on Hot 97.7 where played the character Nick the Janitor. He quickly moved on from that to work with Shock Jock Perry Stone and his sidekick, Trish Bell at KSJO where he showcased some of his amazing impressions doing "interviews" as Mike Tyson, Pee Wee Herman and Jack Nicholson. Nick also worked with numerous morning shows nationwide providing celebrity interviews. He also introduced station characters, as well as acting as a comedy writer for some of these shows. Nick's extensive list of impressions has provided celebrity voices for numerous commercials nationwide, as well as providing the voice of Sammy Sosa for MTV'S Celebrity Death Match.Nick's acting debut was as a bellboy in Malpaso Productions, "The Rookie", which starred, and was directed by, Oscar Award Winning Director Clint Eastwood.Nick moved to the Sacramento area in 1991, where he met writer/director Joe Carnahan while auditioning for Carnahan's movie "Split". Fenske went on to work with Joe on countless other projects including "Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane", "Smokin Aces" and had been cast in "White Jazz".Nick has also starred in Independent projects such as "Deer Season", "In the Eyes of a Killer" which starred and was directed by Louis Mandylor and produced by Ambra Productions and Krakatau Films.Nick has two sitcoms in development for Delta Movie Studio and is also attached to several upcoming movie and television projects.

Nick Fenske Movies / TV-Shows

Lady Bird (2017)
Lasso (2017)
Rabid Christmas (2017)
Mamaboy (2017)
Stretch (2014)
Bloodline (2013)
Blood Oath (2012)
Lunatic Messiah (2011)
Dead End (2011)
Untitled (2011)
Mad Mad Wagon Party (2010)
The Invited (2010)
In the Eyes of a Killer (2009)
Deer Season (2008)
Prize of the Pacific (2007)
Smokin' Aces (2006)
Smosh (2006)
Claude's Cafe' (2002)
Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane (1998)

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