Not just another ceramic glass coating.

Metrc is a exciting vehicle detailing brand, revolutionising the nano glass coating and ceramic paint protection market.

Our laboratory developed products have been through years of testing in the most extreme conditions before being manufactured in surgery sterile conditions.


Key features.

Vehicle detailing has been taken to new extremes in recent years, with the worlds most expensive cars being treated to world class products applied by world class technicians across the globe. Metrc will enter the market at the highest level, with a range available for enthusiasts at exceptional prices.

Paint protecting coating.

Our ceramic based coating will protect your paintwork for the long term, providing a high gloss, un-penetrable layer between the elements and your valuable paintwork. Each coating will last up to 2 years with regular car care and maintenance carried out like normal.

OEM paint is often soft and susceptible to scratches and swirls through general wear and tear. Metrc coatings have been developed to provide long term, extremely tough paint protection for any vehicle.

Pro detail application.

Ceramic coatings are best when professionally applied, making our pro range best suited to high skilled detailers, with our options range prime for enthusiasts and owners of top of the range vehicles.

Both ranges are available to buy online through 3Dom Wraps (post launch in late 2017)

Self healing properties.

Self healing paint protection has been through a revolution in the past few years, with PPF (paint protection film) leading the way before ceramic products have embraced the technology to ensure that either option will keep paintwork looking its best.

Our products can be applied to paint protection film, adding additional care to the film and the ultimate tough protection for the paintwork itself.


Two different products.

We have developed two products to enter the market at two levels. Our leading pro range product is best suited to professional detailers for application on high end, world class vehicles.

Our second product brings nano detailing technology to the masses, allowing enthusiasts and owners of top of the range, premium vehicles to get involved with car detailing themselves.

What color will you choose?

Our products come fully customisable to suit your own business, brand and style. Choosing your preferred colour of packaging brings our top of the range products inline with your own requirements.

Every bottle also comes laser etched with your business name or brand.


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